Graphic Design Course

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Course Description

The graphic design course syllabus is designed to teach about the different software, tools, and techniques used to create visually appealing content. Students are equipped with knowledge of branding, design, composition, and layouts through the subjects like typography, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Design Management, etc.

The combination of different Graphic Design subjects, projects, and electives depends on the type of graphic design course. BDes Graphic Design and MDes Graphic Design are the two most popular Graphic Design Courses in India. The important subjects included in a Graphic Design course are interaction design, communication & media theory, typography, digital tools, illustration, etc.

Graphic Designing Software & Tools InDesign
Corel Draw Adobe Audition
Typography Image Layout & Effects
Adobe Dreamweaver Illustrator
Vector Graphics for Designers Introduction to Graphic Designing
Photoshop Adobe Flash
Shaping, Design & Illustration Art & Visual Perception
Computer Fundamentals HTML/ Javascript